Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m an animal lover and have recently become concerned about leather products. Should I be? What should I know?

A: Garment leather is a by-product of farming and human consumption. Animals are not killed only for their hides in the leather industry. Therefore if you feel comfortable eating meat, you can feel comfortable wearing leather. Animal rights activists are opposed to animals being used for all purposes including food (fish, chicken, turkey, beef, pork, milk etc), clothing (silk, wool, leather, fur and down), entertainment (aquariums, circuses and zoos etc), medical research and even seeing-eye dogs. They even oppose pet ownership, considered as a form of animal slavery. People have the right to freedom of choice.

Q: My leather jacket has become wrinkled during my travel. Can this be fixed?

A: Yes. Most wrinkles should hang out on their own, however it’s perfectly safe to iron leather. The iron should be turned to the rayon setting, use heavy brown paper as a pressing cloth on the right side of the item and iron. This will remove any wrinkles immediately. Before ironing the garment, always test on a small, inconspicuous area first.

Q: What are the common things that may damage leather?

A: Hair spray, perfumes and natural body oils are a few things that, over a period of time, can discolour or damage leather. Avoid spraying both hair sprays and perfumes whilst wearing your garment. If discolouring is noticed on collars, this is from natural oils in your skin and a scarf will stop this occurring.

Q: My leather jacket was professionally cleaned and the colour has changed. Is this normal?

A: Yes. Because leather is a natural product you can never determine exactly how it will react to the cleaning process. A good cleaner will restore the essential oils in the garment lost during the cleaning, however the cleaner can never know exactly the method used when the garment was created. Therefore this process can produce a slight colour or texture change, this makes it important to clean matching garments at the same time.

Q: How should I store my leathers?

A: A dark closet, that is not too dry nor too humid is ideal for storage. If storing a garment for longer periods, always place in breathable covers. Do not use plastic as this could potentially dry out the leather.